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I'm not as close with Christ as everyone else seems to be...

I try and I pray that I could grow a closer relationship with Christ, but I just don't ever feel him around. I've gone to the alter about a million times it seems, praying and seeking him! Does he not want to talk to me? I'm losing hope and I just feel like he doesn't care about me. I try not to have doubts but they are always there in the back of my mind. Why can't I love God as much as everyone else does, why can't I believe and trust in God as much as everyone else. I go to youth conventions and camps coming home so filled with the spirit. Then the next day it's gone. I'm ready to give up. I'm just lost I guess.

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Dear lost girl.. you are NOT

Dear lost girl.. you are NOT lost! You are touching GOD's heart! Let me share a story with you.
When I was in my 20's I used to stay up ALL night on PURPOSE trying to KEEP AWAKE to MEET with God. I used to sit outside on my our front porch and talk and listen.. and talk and listen.. only to meet with silence! I did this for some time. I got mad!

I felt like you.

I came inside one morning and pitched a fit at my kitchen table! I saidl "God! I love you.. but I can't do this on my own! I want to follow You and be with You but I QUIT! I give up! If you want me I'm here! I just can't make anything happen!"

and.. I did.

It was at THAT moment.. my life changed. GOD BEGAN to INITIATE our relationship. In other words.. HE led the DANCE.. and asked me to follow.

I think that GOD might.. be telling you the same thing. He Loves you and you are not lost by any means. The thing is is that you NEVER compare OTHER people's relationship with GOD's to your own. There IS NO comparison because everyone is UNIQUE. GOd speaks to people differently as well. Not all the same.

At first.. GOD used the Daily Bread to speak to me. Then.. He led me to His Word.. then.. other people.. then one day as I was reading the Psalms I said: "God, I'd like to have the same type of relationship with You that Kind David did.. and that I do with my own earthly dad.. just listening and talking intimately so.

He granted that.

But here is a gift I will give you.

Sing to HIM.. on your own.

Spend time with HIM in a place where it is quiet and it is just you and HE. Ask HIM what HE wants to say to you and wait.. have child like faith.. You learned to hear the voice of those who love you.. you will learn to hear Him too.. He is listening to you.. He's on the way.. Have faith.

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