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I'm not that strong

My Dear Lord,
You say you will never leave me. You say you will never give me more than I can handle. Well I've lost my faith as I can no longer fight the fight. It's been 5 years and I've lost everything and I'm so far in debt That I'm drowning.
For 5 years I've prayed that "your will be done" and that you guide me, but all I find is no work and all that you had given me is gone and I'm left with debt out of which only you can save me.
If I'm a lost soul and have nothing to give back, then take my life now. I'm so tired of struggling I can't go on unless I know you have something for me.
Oh, most merciful Lord, I have so many dreams and aspirations, but only you can decide if they will come to reality.
Desperate men do desperate things so please help me and show me your will.

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I'm praying that you find

I'm praying that you find your footing again. This season that your in is tantalizingly painful, correct? My family and I (for I'm only 15) go through money problems also. But the best way to stay on the road of God is to attend church and make a budget. Find a way to budget groceries (store brand/ generic), clothes (goodwill/fallas), and offering at church. Please come to Central Christian Church as we will be going over how God's love is UNSTOPPABLE. This service will be on Easter and I hope you can attend.

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