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its not realy a request but a question..please one over knows what to say

I think im a Christain..but latley I just don't know anymore. please help me. my history teacher talks alot about religion and i can't leave the class. shes egnostic? and she always downs christains. whenever im around my friends I don't act like how i used to act. i dont WANT to go to church anymore. its just not excitin to learn nobody ever wants to talk to me because im from mississippi and they all think im a goody good. my moms an alcholic and she always yells at me for not being a good christian but what about her? its hard to trust her. somtimes i just wonder whats my point? like why am i here? i just wanna be a kid not a mother. all i do is take care of my sisters while my mom gets to go to Georgia and be there. i dont like vegas. nobody ever asked me if i want to move. i want to see my friends. its hard to fit in here. then i go to church and i don't even pay attention. I yell more and more. I don't want to act like that but I don't know how to stop... my dad and family think they understand, i know they are just trying to help but they don't understand. I can't trust anyone. i have no one to talk to. i highly doubt you'll answer this because its not a prayer request. but could you just please tell me what i am suppose to do? please. i don't like who ive become i want to be the girl i was in hernando where everybody knows as the good christain girl and they like to talk to me and don't think im weird. please tell me what to do please...

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Patience -- in the midst of

Patience -- in the midst of the jumble of thoughts, I just hear your cry for God. We all go through periods when we feel far away from Him. As you have gotten farther from Him, your life has gotten harder. You want advice on what to do...turn to God. Even when you don't want to. Pray. Find a pastor at your church - perhaps one that focuses on teens -- and talk to them about your struggles. Reach out. Keep reaching out until you find the person God has waiting to help you.
And know -- this will pass - this time in your life is only a season. Life goes up and down. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it is amazing. God is right with you and has amazing plans for you for His glory. Lean on Him.
I will pray for you. You are a princess of our Lord. Remember that. A Princess.


Patience, I am so sorry for

Patience, I am so sorry for what you are enduring. I don't know if I have the right things to say to help you. This is a lot for you to go through and I wish, truly, that I had all the answers and help for you. I don't think your teacher is supposed to be "downing christians". I am sorry you have to put up with this in school. Can you let your counselor know what your teacher is saying? As for your home life, I know what it is like to not want to live here in Vegas. I moved here while in JR. High and hated it. I had nothing in common with anyone because I was the "good Christian girl". Sometimes church isn't too exciting but you should remember that you are there to hear the Word of God. Not for a rock concert or to always "feel good". Many times the message is to bring us to our knees or to open our eyes. The truth isn't always pretty or comfortable. Being in school is many times difficult because you may feel awkward behaving the way you know that you should behave. It is unpopular with the other kids for the most part, to be good. Don't give up. Talk to your counselor and relay your concerns and feelings to him/her. Please don't give up on God. He has a path for you to follow but you must keep asking Him to show you and believe me, He will. Can you join a youth group at church? Please please look for one. God loves you and sees what you are going through but you may be the only person that one day, will save somebody from losing their hope or salvation. You are experiencing things that in the end, will be your testimony of how God rescued you. Pray for your agnostic teacher that the Holy Spirit changes their heart for Him. I will pray for you and your household. Sally

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