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J.D. Smith

I heard J.D. on the radio a little while ago talking about his airport experience with someone yelling at his wife. I help disabled passenger's at the airport and I have experienced being yelled at by parking enforcement. I have had several difficulties working there to the point I have been physically ill and brought to tears-only to be told I need too be stronger (not so weak). I was looked down upon by others and transferred to T3. Don't get me wrong there are many good people at the airport, it is the few that make it very difficult sometimes. I have been dealing with one person that has given me a particularly hard time and others have jumped on board with her. I did finally decide to write a statement. I don't know if this was right to do or not or if she will take retribution. I have nightmares about her going after my family. I hope someone can help me know if I did the right thing by writing a statement or not and I hope J.D.'s wife appreciates him what a comfort it must have been to have you there. I pray that his family and I can turn the other cheek and not repay evil with evil.

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Lorie Szudera
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