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I have been working as an administrative assistant for 7 years and just recently finished my Masters Degree. I am really struggling finding a job to begin paying back my student loans in my degree area. I am having a hard time being content being a glorified secretary when I have a degree and mountain of debt. Please help me rise up Lord!

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I can relate to your

I can relate to your struggles. I have a school loan to pay off too. I am working a job that i don,t care for. I drive a delivery truck, making less than 8.50 an hour. I know that the way out of debt is giving back to the Lord in tithes and offering. I don,t believe it is scriptural in telling someone they are cursed if they don,t tithe. Jesus Christ redeemed us from the law. Tithing was done by Abraham 400 years before Moses wrote the law. If we give back to God, what we purposed in our hearts, with pure motives, God will bless us back. I pray that the Lord speaks to your heart, and gives you direction.

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