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Please pray for my son Joe he has been using meth to num the pain of having HIV he is 26 and is been staying away from our family and church since August 12 which is the only help he need Gods. Praying for deliverance and obedience thanks for our family . Praying for EGN

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Hi, I just want Joe to know

Hi, I just want Joe to know that he is not alone. I am a 24 year old girl who was born HIV positive and I have also had substance abuse issues in the past. By the grace of GOD I am clean/sober. September 29th will mark 2 years clean. I also struggle with dealing with the fact that I am HIV positive, and I've had my whole life to come to terms with it. Please let him know that what he is feeling is normal for folks like us. Take care. God be with you. PS: If he wants, this is my email. [email protected]. We can still remain anonymous, but this is if he'd like to talk to someone who knows what it's like. (or he can friend me on facebook.) God bless.

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