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I need a prayer first, for myself... to overcome the pain and heartbreaks that cause of my ex-husband **** in our family especially to me. I said to myself that I forgave him, but deep inside my heart, I'm still angry and feel that I want to revenge to him. Please help me to release all these bitterness in my heart for him.. I know God forgave my sins and died on the cross for me even how bad my sins are.. I tried to release it,but is still coming back to my mind. Second,my health, I have a lot of sickness but I leave it all to God,I gave up on all the specialist after I came to be a christian.. Thank you for you time. I'm also a part of 360.. God Bless.

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Forgiveness is tough! It is

Forgiveness is tough! It is an act of our will, not a feeling, moment by moment... even sometimes. Not allowing any thoughts that are not of GOD enter in and take hold in our minds.. we boot them out and think on 'lovely' and good things. It is no easy task.. especially when we hurt so deeply inside. I pray for the LORD to heal your heart, to bind up your wounds and to minister to all of your needs. I ask Him to give you wisdom what to do about the illness you have going on presently and to heal every part of your being in His way and timing.. Keep choosing to forgive.. and one day.. you will find perhaps your 'feelings' line up with your choice... it takes a lot of time and prayer. Much Love in Christ.

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