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I'm a high school-aged guy. This year, my best friend went to college, leaving me behind, ignoring me, pushing me out of his life. He was the most important person in my life, but he couldn't handle the stress of being my friend any longer. Soon after, my brother also left for college, and in the same weekend, my dad moved out of our home. I feel completely abandoned and uncared for by any "father-figure" that I have previously had. And I know that HE is my true Father, but something is keeping me from feeling or accepting that. I don't know how to find COMPLETE satisfaction in Him.

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I am praying for you. Have

I am praying for you. Have faith and pray. God hears all our prayers and you are not abandoned because God our Father is always with us.


God will never leave alone im

God will never leave alone im praying for you


That is sometimes hard to

That is sometimes hard to believe about God being our true father isn't it? It seems that when my father died, I RAN to God, crying and begging Him to hold me. I felt like a child that had been abandoned. Your situation is sad to me. Can you possibly connect with a high school youth group at a church??? There are some wonderful youth ministers that have felt what you feel and been where you are right now. We have a boy in our youth group that has similar circumstances as yourself wherein his dad just walked out on the family. You are not alone in this way but know that people love you just by how they are responding to you on this site. Please try to find a youth group that will encourage and guide you. Don't give up and don't stop looking. Don't worry so much about trying to feel that God is your father. Focus more on your prayers to Him. Let God be God and He will comfort you as needed. When people do things that are not so pleasing to Him such as leave their families for no apparent good reason, He is hurt by the suffering of His children. He loves you even though you may not feel it as His child. Give yourself time and be patient with everything going on. He will bring you to a better place and you will meet new people. "Best friends" may not really be your "best" friend so let God bring others to you. Do your best to seek out a good youth group though so that you can be fed spiritually as you need. Be a supportive son to your mom if possible and just praise God in this storm of your life. You will be fine and you are a strong young man for acknowledging this to others of us that you do not know. I will pray for you and your family and please don't worry about things. In Christ, Sally


Thank you all. I am SO

Thank you all.

I am SO involved in not only my youth group but multiple areas of my church as well. I love being at my church, in the House of Our Lord. And sometimes I feel that it may be the church itself, rather than God HIMself, that is actually holding me together.

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