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lies, lies, lies

When my father sexually abused me as a preteen our family lied about it for years. When I began to grow up, my father was so jealous and such a high volume rageaholic that I lied about my whereabouts all the time. I became a Christian, had incredible years of transformation. Later I married and my Christian husband fell away from the Lord, terrorized our children so that they were in complete dread of him. I would lie to protect the kids, so he wouldn't scream, insult them, push them. I am not saying I was right to do this. My husband continues to lie to himself about the damage he has caused - puts on a nice face at church while having no trust from his kids. Now my oldest daughter lies. So, I ask for prayer - for the mercy of God. For His power to turn this broken family around, for Him to demolish the fears and lies that have stolen our family's hearts from each other. Yes, my husband is in ministry. That's scary. Pray that God would break his pride.

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helpless except for prayer
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Hi. I understand your pain...

Hi. I understand your pain... Just want to remind you, you are a survivor praise the Lord! I will be praying for you and your family.
Romans8:28! Keep trusting HIM~*

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