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In December I will turn 66 years old. I still work full time and devote as much attention to my work and my home requirements. But over the past few months I have had some problems with my lower back to the point that I use up most of my off days from work on pain meds and ice packs. Being a believer, I understand that God removes infirmities when He deems it's appropriate. I also understand that God hears the prayers of those who are His and that your prayers are valuable to him because he sees from them that we care for one another.

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Ray Lynch
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Hi Ray; I got 'sacked' this

Hi Ray;
I got 'sacked' this year myself with neck, back and spine issues so I full well understand similarly where you are at. I also had a what seemed a 'cruel' taste of Sciatica pain that left me sleepless for the most part for 5 weeks. The need to work and the home duties too seem almost overwhelming at times when I am hurting or stiff.
I am going to pray with you and also ask GOD to give you wisdom about your path ahead, how to care for yourself at this time and to let go what you can, for Him to bring along others to aid you in your time of need,and for healing... just KNOW that GOD WILL PROVIDE for you.. HE never fails.

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