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LORD please hear my prayers!!!

Please pray for my marriage, my family and our finances. Our finances are in such turmoil right now that it's causing major strain in our marriage. I'm feeling more depressed than ever. I cry out to Jesus in prayer every waking moment asking for his help, mercy and grace. To help me and guide me in the right direction. I don't ever want to question my faith in HIM, but sometimes I ask if he HE ever heard any of my prayers or sees my pain as I cry out to HIM. Now I struggle everyday to fight the tears so that my children don't see me cry but it's so hard to be strong..very hard. Please pray for me. Thank you!!!

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Dearest fellow

Dearest fellow Sister-in-Christ,

the Lord Jesus has indeed heard your prayers and like the friends who dropped their friend before Jesus in the hole in the roof allow us to pray with you and for you and your family during this trying trail.

Know that you are loved not only by your Christian SOS family but the Savior of your soul.

Our God owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills and will provide. How I do not know but He does.

Love you sister


Please pray for me that the

Please pray for me that the Lord will guide me and open the door a better job with benefits.

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