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Loss of my husband

My husband Brian unexpectedly died 12/23/11 from a heart attack. He had an enlarged heart, but we had no idea, & he was only 47. We were together 20 years; married 18. I know that God has held me up these last 6 months from the prayers of my family & friends. Naturally, though, those prayers have waned, & I can feel the difference. I desperately need those prayers to keep me going every day. It has just been so hard...I can't even explain the pain. Every day I have to make myself get up to go to work.

We only moved here for my husband's job, & I don't want to stay. I want to move back to CA where we lived for 15 years, but I will need a job to do so. Also, I don't want to make any move without the Lord's direction.

Please pray for my continued healing & daily strength to do what I need to do, & that I will not move or take any major step without God's approval or direction.

Also, my mother-in-law Ann needs prayer, as Brian was her only child, & she is not doing well, at all. She is fighting the grieving process & doesn't have a personal relationship with God. I do think our talks are leading her that way, though.

Thank you so much in advance for your prayers. They really do help.

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Dawn Harrison
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