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Lost and needs God

Please lift my brother up in prayer... He fills the void in his heart with drugs and has lost the sense of who he really is... Although he has dug himself into a hole of debt, he chooses to spend his money on drugs and being irresponsible. He is blinded and has lost himself... He deeply holds grudges and will not listen to anybody or ever agree that he is wrong but instead points fingers at everybody else... I'm afraid to say something to upset him because his anger and aggressiveness has become over the top... His actions have caused a lot of heartache and grief within our family... Every action of help has been looked past and taken for granted... I don't know how else to reach out to him, but I know our God is greater and bigger then any situation and with Him, ALL things are possible. My brother needs God.. Please join me, stand in the gap for him...

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I will pray for your brother

I will pray for your brother this is a hard thing for a family to go thur, I was married to a drug addict, and it was tough but we had to show him tough love because he was hurting the kids emotionally. Pray for him yes but there comes a time when you have TO LET GO AND LET GOD! This means no helping at all if the anger has gotten that bad you and the family are putting your self's in danger. I fought this battle with my husband for about 7 years. He went away for awhile to a restoration home and it was a good program but he has to want it. After all that getting clean in 2001 my husband over dosed, so I feel God knew best and ever night when I prayed and my church pastor went looking for him in the drug house he said to me this is dangerous that you keep doing this and it was. So Yes love him but thought Love with make a addict get help or not. The crazy part about it is my husband worked everday and when things got tight he would take off and be gone for 3-4 days or longer getting high still in his suit and tie from work. I will be standing in the Gap for your brother but becareful, its a serious matter...sorry for and missed spelled words this just touched my heart as our youngest daughter is having her first child and i miss him so much.

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