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I'm a youth leader at Crossroads Community Church in Henderson, Nevada. I was attending the WinterJam concert last Sunday night. I went to buy a bottle of water, and as I got my wallet out to pay for it, the photo flip section must of fell out on the floor, the next morning was when I notice it missing, these photos are of my family and mother, most of them are irreplaceable especially the ones of my mom, I've been devastated as to the loss of these items.
I've contacted the Orleans Arena and no one has turned them in, I even got on Facebook and asked my relatives if they had photo's of my mom please send them to me so I could replace them, no response as of yet from them, people can contact me at my e-mail address.
I realize this is a weird request but my mom meant everything to me in my life, she raised 3 sons all by herself in a GREAT Christian environment, she was my BEST friend,and the photos are all I have of her.
Please pray for me to be able to accept the loss if it's not found, and to be able to move on to be a better leader for our young people and also for my middle brother for whom I haven't heard from in the past 11 years since my Mom died, thank you and God Bless.

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Billy R. Harris
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