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I have so much trouble with lust. I am young and I know it's wrong but sometimes I feel iike I just have to satisfy it. My faith was so strong, and then I finally caved in to lust once more - now I am broken beyond repair. This happens so much, I'm so afraid God won't forgive me for it anymore, because I keep cracking and giving in. It's so exhausting, the guilt just kills me every time I give in. I don't know why I keep giving in because I know how much God hates it and probably hates me for it, but I just don't know how to stop. I can't do this on my own, I know I can't, and I pray about it but it just doesn't seem to be helping anymore. I lie in my own weakness, I depend on Jesus to help me out of this Valley, but I feel now like he has foresaken me because I caved in once more. Please, please keep me in your prayers. I wonder if I've fallen too far this time, if I won't go to the Kingdom anymore? The thought breaks my heart. Is he just pushing me back into humbility, or is he rejecting me? I am so confused, and frustrated with myself. Your prayers are so so so appreciated!!

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First my friend Jesus loves

First my friend Jesus loves you so very much. You mean the world to Him. Reject the lies of the enemy telling you that Christ may be rejecting you, He is not. He love you. He hates sin. My friend sometimes things take prayer and fasting. I thought I could never stop submitting to the lust of my flesh. Like you I kept falling, asking for forgivness and back on the roller coaster again. One day I made a choice that no matter what it took, I was by the strength of Christ, going to live a celibate life before the Lord. My friend it was not easy but I tell you I have been celibate for years now. I realize that the Word is true we must submit to God and resist the devil....this means submiting when the Holy Spirit prompts you to "turn of that show" "dont listen to that music" "draw closer to Me" He is always there to help us and keep us strong to help us resist the devil. Please know that you are loved and I am praying for you. God bless you


Father we trust you. We know

Father we trust you. We know that your grace is sufficient for us. I know you see your child and this battle they are waging. I pray that your word and power lift them out of fear. We know you always forgive us every time we repent of sin. Your mercy has no limit. Your perfect love drives out fear. We know we can do all things throu JEsus who strengthens us. Thank you for hearing our prayers and seeing to the needs of your children. All glory and honor and praise always to you. We praise your holy name.


You sound like your young. We

You sound like your young. We live in a corrupt world. Jesus Christ, will never hate you for lust, in fact He will lead you to a way out. I have had a problem with porn and lust for many years. For about a month i have not seen any porn. I ask God everyday for one more day of victory, and He has granted it. Read your word, and don,t let the enemy feel your mind with lies. Jesus died, and loves you more than you will know. I will be praying for you...God Bless

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