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Applying for new job. This job will open up several doors for him that have been closed for several years. It will be a great gift from God for he and his family.

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I don't know what your

I don't know what your circumstances are, but I am finding it very difficult in finding a better paying job. I am an ex convict, and most people have a stigma about hiring felons. I am currently working but making 8.35 an hour after almost 3 years. I will pray for Marc that the lord gives him that job of his dreams, with benefits. God Bless you Marc in your search.


Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers. In the end he did not get the new position but was given some positive feedback that will help him in the future. He also is struggling to get out from under his past problems, but with God's help and people like you praying for him I know anything is possible. I believe there is no power stronger than the power of prayer - so thank you again and know that I will also say prayers for you!! Keep your faith strong.

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