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My husband and I have come to a very challenging time in our marriage which almost led to divorce. This weekend we went to a marriage retreat; both of us, for the first time, have invited God to be part of our marriage. Please pray for us to continue to make God the center of our lives, marriage, and family.

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Jessica! I am praying for

Jessica! I am praying for you. I too am a wife and know that without God in your life & marriage things can be difficult. Congratulations go out to you for sticking it through & including the Lord in your hearts.


I am all over it... Marriage

I am all over it... Marriage is a wonderful thing that comes with its ups and downs... Keep in mind the reason why you got married in the first place and keep those feelings close to your heart!!! You are in our prayers!


It really sounds like you are

It really sounds like you are moving in the right direction! When you put God at the center, he moves mountains. I just encourage you to work hard on your end and keep praying for your husband and look for ways to go out of your way and support him. I'll be praying that he does the same thing.


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