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Marriage and Family

Please pray for me, my husband, and my family. Our family has been under a great level of stress and suffered losses on all fronts for two years solid. We are struggling with the impact of severe health issues (continually holding my life in my hands), social isolation, few opportunities and prospects, financial strain, and our marriage has suffered greatly because of it. We are fighting often and in a very tenuous place. I am seriously concerned for our marriage and do not want to lose him or our family. My husband has recently been offered a new job in another state that would allow for potential improvement in the areas of health, social life, amenities, and opportunities that are not afforded here. This comes however with the cost of his being away from home for 5 out of 7 days a week, which would be very painful. We are having a hard time in discerning God’s will for us, our own personal wills, and which path would be the faithful one from the fear based one. We are also having a difficult time coming to agreement and keeping our emotions in check during this process. Please pray for spiritual guidance and assistance for both of us to come to a faithful course of action, peace and love to reign within our marriage and family, and Jesus to come into our midst so that we can be of the same mind and heart. If moving to the new state is the best route for us to take, I ask that everything will come in line for us and to ease the transition and sacrifices. If it is not the Lord’s plan, please pray for a clear sign to stop all further progress and the hastening of a better situation. I also ask for prayers of healing on our hearts from the emotional toll all of this has taken and healing in the marriage relationship and our family. Thank you so much for your help! With God’s will all things can be accomplished! God Bless.

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