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marriage failing and heading toward divorce

Need prayer for Toby that he will allow God to soften and open his heart, be willing to let resentment and mistrust go that God lift him up and place him in a position of spiritual authority so that he finds pleasure and affirmation and purpose to stay with his family and not give up, for Tina that she let go of pride and the need to have to be in control, teach her how to respond and respect her husband as the head of their household and for desire and willingness to meet Toby's intimate needs that both of them always put Christ and his design before their earthly needs, restore, repair, rebuild and mold this marriage.

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Dear friend, I know what your

Dear friend, I know what your are going through. My husband left in January and our divorce is almost final. I posted on SOS prayer wall and got a response from someone that may be helpful in your case. Here is what they wrote to me. God Bless and watch over you through this aweful process.

I would communicate your true heart to him. be as positive as you can. Say, we have had ups and downs in marriage,as most, however we have been together through it all and maybe we don't know how to support each other; but I feel Gods has a plan for us both " God is a God of Broken Marriages"

Tell him,Is there anything i can do for you today, most times they are lost for
words, say i can cook dinner or lunch and we can sit and just spend time together talk and maybe we can come up with a solution. Tell Him, I prayed for you, i realized that you to are struggling and hurt or ____ ___ and i asked God to show himself in your day today, help you and to help us. God is a God of covenant and his desire is for Marriage, and really do it, tell God i put it in your hands restore my marriage and make us know and trust you more through this trial, help me be sensitive to the Holly spirit and see the work that you are doing. If it all falls apart and you say things you regret, say God i'm sorry , forgive me, immediately after or once you think about it and are upset with yourself. Tell God, i turn to you, i need you to change me and need you to fill my husband and myself with love, hope and a new beginning. Plug in to a church and if possible go together. and always in Jesus Name, amen.


I have this same problem. My

I have this same problem. My husband and I were the perfect couple at first. We clicked right away and the chemistry was just crazy. But reality kicked in real soon and we started arguing a lot. Until now get into heavy arguments, where none of us is really listening and always out talk each other, until one day my husband left me it was like a dream, i beg and apologize for everything, he refuse for 1 year and 3 month, until i meet a man call doctor ebolo online who is a great spell caster he cast a spell for me and told me that my husband will come back in 48 hours to beg me to come home, to my greatest surprise my husband come after 2 days of the spell and told me he is sorry, am so happy that i meet doctor ebolo, if you need his help contact him on [email protected] or

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