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Marriage in Peril

My wife wants a divorce. After affairs, drug and alcohol abuse I don't blame her. Trust has been broken, hope seems lost. We have a four year old, we still laugh and talk together, but are separated. The overwhelming and stomach wrenching constant sorrow destroys me. May God heal her, may she find forgiveness for me and fulfillment in God. May God heal this Marriage bringing it to new heights to reflect his glory. Please pray fervently fellow Christian, I beg you.

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Derek Morton
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Dear brother in Christ, I

Dear brother in Christ,
I just prayed for you.
Thats sad.


hi i am a filipina married

hi i am a filipina married and had a son. i & my husband are working in an architectural firm here in singapore. my boss is so fierce and i always pray for him. and while listening to ur station i felt relieve and gain more patience in facing everyday. i always cry at night as i missed my son so much as he is in the philippines. we are asking for ur kind prayers so my son can have permit to stay with us here in singapore, or where ever God may bring us to. living far from ur loved ones specially from your child is very lonely. ur radio station is a great help to me to seek more of God's guidance whenever i am weak spiritually. Thanks & God bless to SOS radio!


I brought you up to God

I brought you up to God sister.

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