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marriage in trouble

my husband and i have been married 20 years together 23. Recently it was made known he was having an on and off affair for 4 years. At first i wanted a divorce however the Lord has given me a heart of forgiveness and a faith that sees God's restoration in our marriage in His timing of course. My husband is not in the home right now. I can't have him back with a heart that doesn't belong to Christ as much as I hurt to have him back. But even if he doesn't come back I pray for his salvation above all else because God loves him, and then i ask for God to be in the middle of this marriage to be glorified in it to restore us and mend our family back together. God's will be done. God has been giving me His promises to stand on. Jer. 29:11 Ps 138.8 James 5:16 Gen.50:20 Ps.42:8,42.11,46:10,46:5,111:1,27:1,27:4,139:5, Exodus 14:13,14 Eph.3:20 2Cor.12:9 Isaiah 55:8,9 Phil.4:8 to name a hundred. My hope is in the God who is able. My husband thinks he can fight this battle on his own. (his own words) Please pray for him, for our marriage,our 5 children. Thanks

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My parents have been through

My parents have been through a similar situation. My father has had two different affairs against my mother...both times, she found it within herself to forgive him. It's true repentance and a want to change that will restore the marriage.

There are four of us kids in the family: 24, 22, 21, and I am 19. It is a family effort, not just a father and mother. Once our family came together and we were able to forgive our father together, God has done wonders in our family. Don't be afraid to let your children in on this (if you do have children) because the support of your children will help you tremendously also.

I will pray for you daily- because I know and am a firm believer in the fact that God can make it work through anything. Absolutely anything.


Also, since the affairs, God

Also, since the affairs, God has blessed them in their 25 year anniversary this year. It is a tremendous mile-stone for them and frankly, the one to thank is the Lord. He made that possible for them, and their marriage has never been better.

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