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marriage on the verge of divorce

pls i ask that u pray for my husband i. he doesn't know what he wants and is afraid to go forward. he has conditons and wants to set them but doesn't want to abide by mine. i don't think he knows Gods agappe love. the unconditional love that always hopes, trust, bears all thing, never fails. we can do anything w/God but it's his choice. i hope he does'nt make the wrong one and make a life long wrong decision. i pray he has more patients for me and my parts of the marriage i have to fix otherwise we will not make it. otherwise if we don't i pray i keep the kids and get child support at least because i really need to move out of my parents house or buy another car some day soon. thank you! jessica and sean

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god bless you really want a

god bless you really want a change in ur husband the only advise i give is to pray, read the bible and seek God everyday because whats impossible to the man is possible to God like how hes done in my matromony dont take descions by yourself consult God first and your matromony will be in our prayers

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