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Martin Flores Jr and our family

3 months after being married, Martin (our son) was involved in a single vehicle accident 3 1/2 years ago resulting in severe brain damage. He remains in a vegetative state and is cared for at our home. Martin continues to battle for his life. His wife left and divorced him a couple of years later. We ask for your prayers to heal our son, to keep us healthy and strong, so we can continue to care for him and our family. We ask for your prayers to keep our spirits up, to not let us falter in our faith. It has been an extremely tough and as time goes by, a lonely journey! We ask for your prayers also to help us find a home of our own so we can make adjustments and modify for Martin's care and to help make it easier for his caregivers. Martin Jr and I would be so lost without his caregivers, Dad, Danny and Christian -his two brothers, (Danny is dealing with his own health issues, please pray for him), his sister, who after work and school jumps in to help and to Jennifer (Danny's girlfriend) who from day 1 has never abandoned us regardless of our circumstances and had been instrumental in the care of both my ill sons and our family. We pray for physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial healing!

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Thank you for your prayers, Patty
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