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I am asking for prayers for the venece family. my story starts in my search for my new home, I went to see a home and met a family loosing their home due to the economy. The only provider the husband lost his job of twenty years and has not been able to find a new job. The wife is a stay home mom because they have a child with muscular dystrophy, I believe she said ms.She mentioned with sadness in her eyes her child has not walked since he was 9 yrs old and needs twentyfour hr. care.also they have a daughter, which broke my heart because I have a child of 9 yrs old.So I asked the Lord what can I do? but this morning a I heard Charles Stanley speaking about Luke ch.5 and throwing out your nets once more and trusting god .I don't know how to due fundraisers or how to help this family but my heart was convicted to try anything.I spoke to my husband and explained how I thought the husband must feel loosing their home which they had set up with all the arrangements for their child in a wheel chair(A HOME THEY LOVE)loosing his job and the wife taking care of her loved ones .My heart wept so, I wish I HAD THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THEIR HOME.I ask for prayers for this family which really need a touch of love. God Bless

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