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Miracle for protection 9 year old girl

Pray for the protection of aurora

I left a highly abusive husband. I have a permanent restraining order, but we are in the middle of a custody evaluation. There are multiple CPS reports for sexual abuse of my daughter by my husband, but the courts gave him unsupervised one day week 8 hour visitation and still has not reviewed any of the reports. In turn my daughter, 9 years old, is consistently being manipulated and abused during his visitation time, but I can not go back to court until the evaluation report is finished. There was mandated court therapy but the therapist terminated services because my husband refused to pay his 50% at all. so i am in process of getting new therapy that i can aford alone, but my daughter is having to start over with a new person. The original date that the custody evaluation was due was May 2013. But my husband has successfully lied and procrastinated to push the deadline. The latest date we were given was sept. 16,2013. But the evaluator stopped working on the case for the last 3 weeks because I had to come up with another retainer if $4000.00, but because I teach public school I don't get a pay check until sept 30. So I was only able to find $3000.00 to give the evaluator. Please pray for my daughters safety that someone who works in this awful system will be wise and protect her. I had to flee to a shelter to protect her and myself and now the courts have left my daughter in his hands unsupervised and unprotected for 8 hours every week. Please pray that the court and the evaluator will have wisdom to read all the reports and take action that protects my daughter.

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