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I have been struggling for the past two months now. I was dating this wonderful Christian guy for a year before we broke up. The break up has brought me a lot closer to God, and has reminded me that I need to keep God first place in my life no matter what. I'm just having such a hard time letting go of this guy. Even though I ask God to help me think about Him more than this guy, I still find myself thinking of my ex every day. I just don't know what to do, I cant tell if we broke up because of the distance or because he just wasn't right for me and God has other plans. My heart is having a hard timing healing because I'm stuck in the place where I don't know if I should let go of the fact that we could get back together down the road. I just wish I could hear God tell me, "I have someone better for you, someone who will make you stronger in Me," or "Just wait, I'm working in both of your lives and I will bring you back together at the right time." I'm just stuck and I don't feel like I'm healing and moving forward like I should, even though I'm reading the word, praying everyday, and seeking Godly counsel. If anyone out there can pray for me, I would appreciate it, because I really need it. I need clear guidance right now, and I need the strength I know is possible through God. Thank you for your prayers.

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