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To Much to Bear

I am in the need of prayer for four major events in my life.

First my husband is out of work again....we can barely make it week to week. Money is tight.

Second my father is dying. The doctors say he has only a few months left.

Next my fifteen year old son is now a father. He is trying to do the right thing by the child but at 15 - it is hard. I just don't know how to deal with the whole thing. She is older by 2 years. I have raised my son in the church and tried to teach morals. My husband blames me for giving him freedom and trust.

The fourth thing is that the child was born totally deaf in both ears. Please pray for me and my family.

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Praying for you, Cathy!

Praying for you, Cathy! -Rick @ SOS


One or two differences but my

One or two differences but my family is in the same boat, and because were on the same boat GOD is with us and he is the caption. So i know its hard but please doing worry just continue to pray and evertrying will be okay .

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