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MY 12 year old grandaughter!

Please pray for us we are lost without her, she was taken from us by cps in las vegas, and put into her moms where there was abuse and drugs and taken from us for no reason but a 20 yr pass and was told they can't go backwards now so we have been fighting for the last 10 months it has been very hard and has consumed my life with lots of pain daily, our hearts have a hole in them, empty inside ,worried for her she was doing so good and she is a wreck she is only 12 and is so miserable she says she prays everyday to come home with us but she scared she will be adopted , we are trying to get another lawyer, but they are so expensive and already wasted 3,000 on one that did nothing but take our money , we need her to be ok like when she was with us , we need all the prayer we can get that god will be done and he will answer our prayers and bring her back to us , we see her once a week , but she needs to come back where she is loved and taken care of and her special needs are meant, I'm asking for all the prayer i can get as we both pray to and she does also! Thank you sincerely, missing her badly the tears don't stop! i love god and i believe his will be done, then something else or someone else makes things worse! god only gives what we can handle and I'm saying i can't handle no more that's how i feel right know "broken" , i listen to your station and it does help me thank you, Mrs.Tina m.Graves

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Tina Graves
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