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My 13 year old was hospitalized

Its 2am. I lay wide awake. Woundering what Ive done wrong as a Mother? I imagine most loving parents feel this way for their children in similar circumstances. I almost lost my daughter when she was 6 to cancer. Now, at age 13 she says she does not want to live. She hears voices that tell her to harm herself. She says she has been teased at school despite the no tolerance bullying policy. Her father and I have been working with doctors, the school, supportive organizations to help her. Most importantly we are in prayer for God's guidance and never failing strength through all this. We raise our child up to Jesus. I ask you to please pray for us and all families in need of prayer and support. Its not only about my child. Its about all God's children.

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I have a 15 yr old daughter

I have a 15 yr old daughter with similar issues of self-worth. I did this: go thru a personal Bible study with her, preferably relating to a big issue. Maybe take a card and write down a verse from the study she can take with her and memorize. At one point, God told Moses to stop praying to Him and start believing what He's already said. Start with Rom. 8:1- There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Believing this vs. has saved me from much depression. God bless. If you wonder if she is a believer, study 1st John with her and then believe God.

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