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my 19 year old son

for god jesus to heal im from hashimotos disease, goiter in his thyroid, thining disk on his lower back, pain that came back on his upper back of thigh n buttocks , liver test showed high liver , allergies to foods n other things , cold urticaria , stress , confused about what college career to choose , guidance for changing jobs. In a relationship with a girlfriend since October 2013 , shes asian n has beliefs in gem stones n crystals n probably uses them as goodluck charms n could possibly be whichcraft . She is not a cristian but my son is. she is always giving my son neclaces she makes of big gem stones n bracelets of colorful yarns, she makes him wear them . supposely she says she wants to be a jewelry designer but recently i noticed she always wears the same light green bangle bracelet . i looked it up on google n the tiny little colorful stones she carries in her bag in a little pouch n what i foun out about that is not godly. pleaSE PRAY FOR HER TO GO AWAY N FOR MY SON TO GO TO CHURCH AGAIN N BE COMPLETELY HEALED N GO BACK TO COLLEGE . THANK YOU SO MUCH. MAY GOD BLESS YOU

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