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My 4 year old nephew is fighting for his life.

My 4 year old nephew has Mitochondrial Disease, which is progressive and there is no cure. With it comes a lot of other health issues; some extremely dangerous. He developed a seizure disorder several months ago, and has experienced significant neurological changes as a result.

This past Monday morning, his parents had to rush him to the hospital because of a high fever and vomiting. These symptoms are cause for an automatic admission to the hospital because it can mean far more than something simple like the stomach flu. Since his admit, he's been unable to use his left arm and left leg (he may have had a small stroke); his fever is consistently high (about 104), he cannot tolerate any feedings through his g-tube (vomits violently), and as of yesterday, he became extremely aggitated and combative which can happen as a result of a significant seizure. He didn't recognize his mom who was holding him during his seizure, which she normally does as a way of protecting his head. He didn't recognize his dad and his siblings, and began screaming, kicking, and hitting his mom and the doctors and nurses as they tried to care for him.

Too many details to lay it all out here - thank you, so much, for reading this far! Please pray for his recovery from this current episode. Please lift him up and his very worried parents, siblings, and grandparents - they need comfort, strength, endurance, and peace to continue fighting this battle. Thank you for your prayers - I greatly appreciate your time! God bless you for your caring heart.

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