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I am a 19 year old girl who has returned home from a year long treatment. I continue to battle several mental illnesses and ineffective coping skills. I have faith the Lord is the one keeping me alive. I am losing friendships do to my issues. Please pray for me. I will not give up this fight. I've been battling it my entire life and i can't stop now.

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hi, I just turned 35, and

hi, I just turned 35, and battled many issues from Major depression to self loathing, a eating disorder ect....i to have lost many friends over these issues. DON'T give up!!!! If you would like to talk, orjust need someone to listen i am here...I know it may be akward talking to a stranger, but I have been there. I live in Vegas (702-742-7762) I will be here if you need someone....even if you want prayer. Keep your head held high and keep pressing DOES get better!!!! Melanie


Meghan... I want to encourage

Meghan... I want to encourage you that you can find a way to cope... I don't know what you issues are so i am gonna tell you what mine are. I can hear my thoughts and they come in the voices of people i know. At first it was like whispers and i became very paranoid and suspicious of everyone around me. My mind was literally telling myself exactly what i thought my friends would say. I had a Great friend who was Christian (Gone to be with the Lord) and she had always said whenever I had a problem... any problem, what is rational... real? So here i am 10 years ago homeless with three kids riding a bus and I quickly glance at a sign for about one second, and I hear exactly what the sign says in my head, so me i glance around the bus trying to see who saw me look at the sign... my mind tells me they knew and looked away. so know i got this figured out! i'm gonna get some sunglasses... God provides them, and so dark i know that no one can see where i'm looking and i still heard it. there i get it a little but i still don't know how to shut it down, I find myself just like people you can see today walking down the street screaming and yelling yet no one's there and they aren't wearing a bluetooth. i moved halfway across the country and it was still there. We had a home and we had a TV and they disappeared when i would concentrate on TV. i met a new friend who kept telling me "you will be ok, your a good mom, how can i help" she said it so often that those words were what i started to hear. she hooked me up with a syke who didn't want to just medicate me she explained to me that the human brain has over 200,000 thoughts a minute and i hear many of my subconscious thoughts... the ones people take for granted like when your driving down the street and see a car turning and need to step on the brake, i hear marti a car is turning in front of you step on the brake now... the whole trip. i have been able to for many years, when it started i thought i would never be ok again, now it is just excess stress that triggers it and i can still have a bad day. God has opened my eyes and given me coping strategies and I pray He opens your eyes and gives you coping strategies. God please provide a beginning point of healing.

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