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My brother in law needs God in his life

My brother in law lost his job and his home, forcing him, my sister and their two daughters to move in with my parents. He has diabeties and is very depressed and isn't eating or spending time with his family. He sleeps all day, then when his girls or wife wants to see him, he era mad and leaves. And since losing his job he has been vindictive to others and causing relationships to be torn between my mom and sister. I ask that you all please pray for my dear brother in law and ask God to please fill his heart with love and rid his body of any evil. Please pray that his health is restored and he eats ao that he doesn't get worse and that he finds happiness and is thankful for even hit the littlest of things he has like fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, a loving family god gave him and many more things to be ao grateful for that other people wish they had. Thank you so much!! God Bless

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