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Earlier this year my dad quit his contracted job due to overload of stress.. The place he worked at while under the direction of a different company,has offered to buy the contract he had previously signed and allow him to work there under them. But in order to do that, they keep asking my dad for more and more things, proof of legal citizenship (which just expired a few weeks prior), high school diploma or GED which he has neither due to having to drop out of school to help his mother in time of needs.

Therefore they aren't making it too easy on him, although they have seen the work he can do. With a family of 5 my mom has the only income, but she barely makes enough money to pay the rent, electric, gas, etc. due to working part time.our current food supply is coming from our church, but it's not much when you have two jr high boys.. And both my parents are too afraid to turn it over into Gods hands. I ask for prayers that things will get better for my dads work situation and that my parents can see that God is beside them and will do whats best. I greatly appriciate all your prayers.

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Father one of your names is

Father one of your names is provider. I ask you to take care of the needs of this family today. I also ask you to provide this father with an opportunity to have a secure and stable occupation. OUr hope is in you. We trust you to answer these prayers to glorify your holy name.

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