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My dad

I ask that you please pray for my dad.

On September 10th, he went into the hospital to have a checkup on his carotid artery and found that they needed to stint that artery. Well, later that day, they had him up and walking and his blood pressure shot sky high and he was having some chest pains. His doctor diagnosed him with Aortic Artery Stenosis but didn't know the severity of it.

About 9 years ago, my dad had a quadruple bypass. After a few more tests, they found that only one was good. Two were almost blocked and the other was completely blocked and that his Aortic Valve is only working a tenth of what it should!

On September 19th, he underwent a triple bypass and they replaced his Aortic Valve. Due to complications, he is still on a breathing tube and because his kidneys were not all that great to begin with, they have him on Dialysis.

Past couple of days I have gone to see him after work. He is looking better but is still critical.

I listen to SOS Radio every day and have heard about the prayer requests. Well, on my way home from the hospital tonight I heard it again.

He needs all the prayers he can get!

Thank you all so much! God Bless!

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