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My dad's having open heart surgery next week

please join me in prayer for my dad's health and for the success of his open heart surgery next week (oct 26), my dad's 52 yrs old and he's high risk for the surgery. I trust in the Lord's plan and may His will be done. I believe there is nothing impossible when you believe in the power of God. I also pray for strength for anything that may happen.

Thank you

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Hi Natalie How did your dad

Hi Natalie

How did your dad make out with his surgery? Just saw this request. Please give an update if you would when you see this. Praying! Thanks!


I recently posted a comment

I recently posted a comment updating his current status :)

Thank you so much for the prayers! God bless you!


Well I'll pray for your dad

Well I'll pray for your dad every night for his health and for you have faith.


Thank you soo much! God bless

Thank you soo much! God bless you!


Thank you for the

Thank you for the prayers!

The surgery did not take place due to health risks. one of the doctors noted he had a cold and this could lead to major complications during the surgery. This happened four times when he was getting ready to go to the operating table! We just know it's got to be divine intervention!

My dad is now recovering, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the cholesterol and blood pressure down to a normal range by eating healthy and of course from the grace of God! I'm so thankful for everyone who prayed for my dad!

even the doctors can't believe how fast he is recovering from the severity of his condition but God is good all the time and He truly is the BEST HEALER OF ALL!


Yes you are right "nothing is

Yes you are right "nothing is impossible".
God always take care of their child.
So not to worry. All is well.
God will help your father.
Regards : cardiac surgery india

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