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Please pray for my daughter Rachel, she is 16 and has been raised as a Christian. She has fallen away from the lord, and after raising her half of the time for 16 years she has decided to leave our home and move in full time with my ex-husband because she did not want to face the responsibility of her rebellious and disrespectful behavior towards my husband and I in our home. Rachel has been gone for 5 months now, and there has been no change in her behavior. I do see her a couple of days a week for a few hours. I miss her terribly. Her father and I have always had a very strained relationship,he has been verbally and physically abusive to Rachel at times.Rachel is very afraid of her father, and can't find the guts to stick up for herself. He just informed me that he is taking me back to court mediation to get full custody of Rachel and have me pay child support. I have endured so much pain from this situation, and my heart is broken cause I love my daughter so much. I would ask that you would also pray specifically that he would not be granted full custody of her, and that Rachel would come back to the lord and start doing the right things.

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I pray that the out come from

I pray that the out come from your court hearing goes in your well for you. I also hope your daughter sees the light of our Lord come back to her hart and she ask not just your forgiveness for her wrong doing but as well from the Lord himself.

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