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my daugthers freedom

Hello God bless you all!
My name is Irene Davidson, I live in las Vegas wwith my daugthers. Rigth now my oldest daughter Sheila Irene Flores , her one year old baby and I are in mexico city; we are waitting for a response from imigration. The USA consulate have to send an envelope via DHL, with the appontment date on it; this needs to be done way before may. In may she will turn 21 years old and she wont be able to get her visa this way. Her baby was born in USA; she has been in USA since 1995, and never been in Mexico before. We are in my moms house while waitting for this new opportunity to be at the embassy for interview, which from there they will deside to give her her VISA to enter the USA legally and come back home with her sisters and me. I will come back to Vegas during the next week. I am a single mother of three daugthers, where Sheila is 20 yrs old, single mom of 1 yr old baby girl, and Shannera 19 yrs old, single mother of a 1 yr. old babay boy, and a 13 yrs old youngest daughter, Shantal. Please, please please help me in prayer for my daugther's visa, so she can come back home where she belongs...

atte. Irene davidson. [email protected]
Thank you very much.

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Irene Davidson
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