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My Family is Disingrating Around Me

I have been married 25 years in December. My husband has become detached from me and the kids for the past five years. We have prayed and prayed and tried and tried, but cannot get him to reconnect emotionally with us. He is so detached and does not show any of us even common courtesy anymore. He is fine with associates and neighbors, and there are many who believe he is a great guy, but to family and close friends he has become a jerk. Inappropriate outbursts, meanness, anger, anxiety, mental abuse. I am ready to thrown in the towel. We cannot go through another holiday season walking on pins and needles and hoping our fun times are not ruined with his moodiness. I have put our marriage in God's hands and hope that you can pray our family through this. We have accepted that if it is time to break up our family we will, but we keep praying that God will change my husbands heart instead.

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Susan in Henderson
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