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My friend needs HELP!!

My friend, Kurtis, is having a really hard time with life right now. He has a beautiful daughter, but just can't seem to find direction. Please pray for him to find himself, and to find Jesus! Everything he says is negative, and please just help me to pray for him to feel better and to find glory in the power of God! Thank you!!!

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It's hard to watch our

It's hard to watch our friends and loved ones struggle. They cannot seem to see or hear the Hope that we have.. but they cannot and will not until it is their 'appointed day' for salvation. If we keep on loving them as Jesus does (with GOD's wisdom and guidance), pray for them, and wait..after planting and watering the seeds.. we'll someday see the harvest. But all things are in His timing. I pray for Kurtis and that he also might see the LORD in the eyes and heart of his daughter. That GOD would give him new eyes and a new lens to see HE is EVERYWHERE. I also pray that the LORD will comfort your heart in this matter toward your friend and give you every grace to continue to be the 'living letter' that Kurtis is reading of God's love through yours and others lives around him.


One of my really good friends

One of my really good friends just came to me in tears she has 3 kids one older son and a little girl and another little boy she has had a very hard few weeks car broke in shop twice in a month maxed out credit cards hardly money for gas let alone all her bills she has not even one gift for her babies christmas morning. i feel so bad im praying she can get through this and keep faith i know its four days before christmas but if anyone has any information on how i can help her please email me [email protected] thank you, danielle

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