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My friend's new born baby

for a title i call it my friend's new born baby because i believe with all my heart that the baby will be born. She is going threw hard time and now pregnant and with two other kids she dose not think she will be able to give this baby a future so i ask that you guys help me pray for her so she dose not make a wrong choice she still has 8 month to think it through and i have faith that she will have this baby.for now will call her fernanda.

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jupiter Gallegos
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"LORD, I pray you give this

"LORD, I pray you give this mom to be a special touch. A dream.. and a vision for her and her children's future. I pray you will show her that you are there with them. That each of their lives are SO very valuable to you and that you have a plan for each of their lives. Lord show her that you are her Husband and can father her children and that you WILL care for her and for these beautiful little beings that YOU have created in her. Give her a vision of their future and the Hope she has in YOU. I pray you DRAW her to Your side and to Your Word. That you will feed her on the left and on the right wherever she turns she will hear Your Voice. Cause her to hear you for the sake of her children and her own precious life.. IN Your Name.. Jesus.. amen!"

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