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My husband desperately needs work...and prayers

My husband is a real estate appraiser who is licensed, but not "certified." The only difference between a certified appraiser and a licensed appraiser is a piece of paper. 18 college units. And due to new laws passed this year, banks will not give any work to appraisers now if they are not certified. My husband needs to go back to college (he's 43 years old) to get the units needed to take his state exam, but it takes money to go to school, and we already cannot pay all of our bills. We have 6 year-old son with severe ADHD, really struggling in school. When my son is not in school, my husband cares for him while I'm at work all day, as at $150 per week, we cannot afford after-school day care. I do not make enough money to support my entire family, and my husband has been unable to find any work after looking for over a year now. He's depressed, and feels worthless. He loves the Lord, but does not share my strong faith in God, so does not have any hope, and is sinking deeper and deeper into depression & desperation. I try to cheer him up and talk about God to him, but he does not want to hear it. Our situation has become dire. If he does not get work soon, we are sure to lose our house. We could really use some prayers please! Thank you and God Bless.

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