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My Jewish son is asking for sleep tonight, which has evaded him for a week.

My 26-year old son, Kenny G, is extremely sleep deprived. He has been working with his doctors through a severe clinical depression, and a large part of that process has involved taking prescription drugs for sleeping, for waking up, for dealing with panic attacks, etc. He and his doctor have recently taken him off of almost all medication, except for one medication which should not cause sleep deprivation. Every day, Kenny phones me and we pray together, quoting only those scriptures that appear in the Old Testament, and ending our prayer in agreement "In Jesus' Name." My hope is that Kenny will eventually get to the place where he wants to know more about Jesus. In the meantime, he is absolutely desperate for sleep. I believe the medications he has been taking for the last 4 months or so are still clogging up his system and making him toxic... hence the difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. Would you please pray hard for him for sleep TONIGHT. Not only does he desperately NEED the sleep, but I would so dearly love for him to see the loving hand of God in motion. Thank you, Linda N.

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Linda N.
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You and Kenny are in my

You and Kenny are in my prayers.

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