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My marriage

Please keep me and my husband Phil up in prayer so that the enemy does not break our marriage... Right now we are separated and I'm praying God will heal our marriage.. So please brothers and sisters I need as much prayers as I can get..

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Zetty dear sister you are not

Zetty dear sister you are not alone. My husband and I have been separated for 7 months. 3 counselors peacekeeping ministries . God is good !!!
Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. Our job is to act on that faith do everything with the holy spirit to glorify God.
GRACE is what saves us all !
Read Luke 19:1-10
As the bible states we will battle for control with our husbands that is without Grace (Jesus Christ) Zetty you and I have the power to extend GRACE just as Jesus did with Zaccheus . It takes dying to your desires and girlfriend that has been a rough road but not impossible. As you see your desires being cast aside for what God desires and you see moments of peace in your storm it gets easier.
Jesus gave no law to Zaccheus but showed his GRACE , it not only opened Zaccheus heart , it opened his wallet to.

blessings to you and declare healing in your marriage no more murmuring . You give God the glory and you watch God take care of you. look at Abraham and Sarah . God protected her not once but twice when old Abe Didn't man up and call Sarah his wife.

you have a Daddy that loves you.


Thank you so much. And yes my

Thank you so much. And yes my husband and I got baptized June 3rd of this year and we were stronger than ever than the evil of this world broke that... My husband and I have been separated since June 19th... It has been a rough road but yet God is still growing me strong and showing me to never give up. Your response to me has been a huge help. And I thank you so much... God says to me to keep prayer and fellowship so I try to do my best to Give it all to him and pray as much as I can... Thank you again....


i will most definitely pray

i will most definitely pray for the two of you. Stats show there as many breakups in church as in the world we definitely need to work diligently to preserve our marriages

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