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My Marriage

Please Pray for my husband and our relationship, he has PDSD from childhood abuse and from serving our county for 30 years.At times he has abused me and our children I sometimes want to leave but I don't believe in divorce, and I am a christian woman who came from a divorced family so I don't want to end my marriage vows. I always have your radio station in the house and car.What a blessing it is Thank you.

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Praying for protection for

Praying for protection for your self and your children. That your chilldren would know they can come to the Lord for peace,protection,and someone to talk to. Also that The Lord would protect your children from passing any abuse on to there children or the next generations.I'm not sure if your husband is saved if not I'm praying for salvation for him.Also that the Lord would bring healing in his mind from past abuse, all that he's been through and seen. That the Lord would provide help for this marriage and answers to make things better in your home. Lastly that the Lord would give you wisdom and strength to make the best decisions on how the Lord would have you handle your marriage and the situation that your in.God Bless, I pray for the Lord to give you peace and comfort.

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