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My Pops and also a friend at work

A friend at work is being tested for Leukemia. Her name is Carla. She has an 8 year old daughter named Christy. Carla had a blood test done recently and her white blood cell count is 71,000. (about 10,000 is normal). The Dr. thinks she may have leukemia. Please keep her in your prayers.

Also, my Pops has advanced terminal prostate cancer. He has opted not to be treated and has only taken essiac tea. So far, he is doing OK, not in a lot of pain, quality of life still seems good (which is why he opted not to have chemo or other newer treatment options). Please pray that the quality of his life be maintained at a high level for the time he has left and that he doesn't experience a great deal of pain with this dreadful horrible disease. My heart has been pretty troubled. Our financial issues and car troubles pale by comparison.

Thanks again.

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Jesus... my heart aches

Jesus... my heart aches hearing the needs here.. I know it is Your heart LORD feeling their pain and anguish, the grief.. and knowing the needs of this child and these that are ill and hurting. DO Your work LORD.. let them feel Your Presence.. and SEE YOU are NEAR in ALL. Thank YOU for being I AM. They need all of YOU and YOU are there being GOD.. I AM.

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