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My sister went to the hospital tonight, and she found out that she had, had a miscarriage. She is confused and upset and looking for answers. She doesn't understand how God could let this happen and I don't really know either. But I know, it was all part of His plan for Her life. Please pray for her to have peace, understanding, and trust in God through this tough time. As she has 4 other children at home, three of which don't know what;s going on because they are too young to understand the situation. Thank you for your prayers.

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After a year and a half of

After a year and a half of trying for another child, I found out my wife was pregnant 2 minutes before the doctor told us she was having a miscarriage. It hurts and can make you angry or even doubt. A good friend told us something that stuck with me. "In all things, God is good". I don't know why he allowed the pregnancy but did not allow the birth, but I do know that in all things, God is good and sometimes that just has to be enough to get you through.

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