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My sister Erin; preganat and hooked on drugs

My sister erin and i have been apart for 20 years. i was adopted and she wasnt. now that i have met her I am able to see that she really needs the Lord. She has yet to come to Christ. She is pregnant and involved in drugs and in a bad relationship. I have tryied to talk to her about God but she gets mad. I need help prying for her. Please pry that she can saved.

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I will pray for her,but

I will pray for her,but please if you love her don't give up on her, she needs you to be there for her, and love her despise the circumstances she's in:) phillipians2:13 for god is working in you, giving you the desire to do what pleases him!!!
Be strong and have faith that god will heal your sister.
Love- your friend


I was always told PUSH...Pray

I was always told PUSH...Pray Until Something Happens. I will add you and her to my list for prayer. On a side note I found success in just inviting friends to church and eventually they come and God will find them.


I prayed for you and your

I prayed for you and your sister. Keep praying for your sister and mean while let the way you live speak for you. Keep showing your sister love and don't preach at her. I pray God gives you the words to say when you are with your sister.

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