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My son wants to leave Las Vegas. He is 20 years old and I enabled him. I am letting go and giving him to God. I put him under the Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to keep him safe from hurt, harm and danger. His friend lives in Montanna and keeps asking other friends to come live with him. I pray that God will put a message in this friend to ask my son to move there also. My son feels he has nobody in his life and is always depressed. I ask Jesus to give me the peace and strength I need to get rid of the guilt I have with my son. My son needs to not depend on me anymore and move forward in his life. In Jesus name I pray that everything will work out. Amen

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Standing with you as a mom

Standing with you as a mom who had to do a similar thing. The thing I have and still am learning is that our kids are God's kids first. We are given them as a trust by God to love and raise.. then comes the 'letting go' part for us. I think that it is harder often times for us than it is for our kids. But when we do.. God takes over. Our kids will live as we do.. going through ups and downs and trials.. but that is how they will learn to look for God.. especially when we cannot fix it for them. They will grow, mature, and b e c o m e .. as we have and are still. God can handle our kids and their lives and will do as He thinks best to bring them around and to minister to them. I will pray with you about his depression.. as I pray for my own son with his anxiety. My son did see a doctor but then refused that help. My son does not want or think he needs God.. but he is learning through life that he cannot control things as he once thought. Although I hate to see him struggle with fear.. it may just be the thing my own son needs to look to God when he becomes too overwhelmed. Praying for both.

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