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I have a 17 year old son who is addicted to marijuana. He hasn't admitted that he has a problem, but, despite being recently caught at school and getting into trouble, I found some on him today. He has had some difficult circumstances growing up with an abusive step-father and an absent father, so I believe that his attraction to the drug is a result of the pain from the past that he is still struggling with. I would love for him to accept Jesus in his life and to acknowledge he has a problem so that he can get help and work through issues from the past that he needs to let go of.

Thank you so much

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Elizabeth Parker
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my sons are also addicted to

my sons are also addicted to weed. they have all the reasons for it being ok. I will stand in prayer with you.


Thank you SO much that will

Thank you SO much that will be powerful-I will hold your sons up in prayer too.
God Bless


I'm a 15 year old girl that

I'm a 15 year old girl that has no idea who you are, who your son is, or what exactly your family's situation is, but I have faith that your son will accept Jesus into his life. I have faith that Jesus WILL break that chain of addiction that the enemy has bounded your son with. I have faith that your son WILL be delivered. I serve an ALMIGHTY GOD that has no limit and does the 'impossible'. Have faith & believe that Jesus will do these things. Place your son in the hands of Jesus. God bless you.


Teen Challenge is a good

Teen Challenge is a good program, some family members attended. Praying!


I would recommend battlefield

I would recommend battlefield of the mind for teenage I have not read it but I have the one for adults and if its the same then the message is powerful. Also begin to speak life over the situation. Say out loud I thank you God that my son is deliver from drug, I thank you God for his salvation and when you don't see change thank God that he works little by little and glory to glory and never speak death like he will never change just know God is working and the prayers of the righteous availeth much and it's already done. Jesus finish it when he die on the cross.


I too am dealing with a 17

I too am dealing with a 17 year old that is using marijuana and after just going through his phone, I'm afraid he is dealing with a lot more that I can imagine. My son has an absent father too. My God help you to be strong and help you son get onto to right track. My prayers are with you.

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